have fun!

I have always loved color. As a graphic artist, I have always incorporated bright, bold colors  – first for TV graphics and then into everything from books to billboards. Since 2015 I have been teaching graphic design and also remain a life-long learner, including most recently 3D printing.

In addition to being a fan of color, I am also an earring enthusiast, and collected all kinds of earrings over the years. Unfortunately, the larger earrings I loved did not love me back. Heavy and uncomfortable, they were painful to wear and potentially damaging to my ear lobes.

So I was really happy when I realized 3D technology would be a godsend for creating nearly oversize yet weightless chandelier earrings. I started to experiment with 3D printing to create fun, colorful earrings that add a big pop of color to all your looks.

Take a look at our selection of styles and colors here.

Our 3D earrings both lightweight and extremely durable – are the most comfortable, large-scale earrings out there. The earrings are made with PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) filament which comes from biodegradable plant materials so it is sustainable. All of our earrings are original designs, hypoallergenic, and hyper-local – literally produced in our basement workshop in Royal Oak, MI. With prices this attractive you can get a different color for every outfit, mix-and-match and play out all of your big earring fantasies. 

Experimenting with new colors and shapes is so much fun!  These earrings allow you to show your vibrant, colorful personality to the world! I hope you enjoy our earrings as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.

Go ahead, have fun!

We're having fun!

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